New Albums And Singles Preview - 2010 December Week 1

T-Ara mini-album Vol. 2 – Temptastic (released)

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01 Yayaya
02 Why Are You Being Like This
03 Ma Boo
04 I Don’t Know
05 I’m Okay
06 Yayaya [Inst.]

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T-ara returns with their 2nd mini album, with the help of E-tribe, Kim Do Hoon, Lee Sang Ho, Shinsadong Tiger and Choi Gyu Sung. E-tribe, the hit maker of “U-Go-Girl” and “Gee”, produced their title song, “Yayaya”. “Yayaya” is a unique dance-pop song with addictive melodies and lyrics. Producers Kim Do Hoon and Lee Sang Ho teamed up for the song “Why Are You Being Like This” while singer Yangpa wrote the lyrics.

After School 1st single album – Happy Pledis (December 7)

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01 Love Love Love
02 Someone Is You 
03 Love Love Love (Inst.)
04 Someone Is You (Inst.)

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Pledis Entertainment releases their project album with Son Dam Bi and AfterSchool. The album is a thank you gift to the fans that have supported them. After School members have participated in writing the lyrics. The title song “Love Love Love” is a dance pop song about love that will warm up the cold winter for the listeners. “Someone Is You” is a mid-tempo ballad penned by After School’s member Ga Hee, whom wrote about precious and beautiful memories into the song. You will be able to hear the rich harmony of the After School members in this emotional ballad. A portion of the proceeds from the album sales will be donated to the ‘Save the Children’ organization which helps children in need.

Wax Vol. 9 – Fall In…(Part 1) (December 9)

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01 Alcohol Is The Enemy
02 I Was Crazy
03 Dream A Dream
04 Even For A Hundred Times
05 Travel
06 Two Women (Album Version)
07 Alcohol Is The Enemy (Unplugged Version)
08 Alcohol Is The Enemy (Inst.)

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Wax comes back with her 9th album.  Title song “Alcohol Is The Enemy” is about how one thinks they forgot about their ex-lover but thinks about them once they start drinking. Anyone could relate to the song and it’s sad lyrics. Hit maker Shin In Soo composed “I Was Crazy” which is about how a man ruthlessly abandoned a woman and how the woman has regrets and resents him.

Beast (single) – All My Love OST Part.1 (released)

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01 Loving U

Beast member, Yoon Doo Joon is currently staring in the MBC sitcom ‘All My Love’. All six members of Beast provide a sweet serenade, singing “I love you more than anyone else in the world.”

Lee Ki Chan (single) – L.o.v.e (released)

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01 L.o.v.e (Ft. Supreme Team)
02 L.o.v.e (Inst)

Lee Ki Chan returns to the music scene after two years and five months. During the two long years he was able to complete his mandatory military duties and return to do what he does best. “L.o.v.e” is a medium tempo ballad song featuring hip hop duo, Supreme Team. The song is about a couple excited about starting love filling the cold winter with a warm atmosphere.

Zi-A (single) – Tears That Fall In Winter

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01 What Month, What Day, What Time

Zi-A who is known for her powerful vocals, and ability to express many emotions through her songs returns with a lovely love song titled “What Month, What Day, What Time” featuring Mighty Mouth. The song is about how love is a common word but was heard for the first time from their significant other, thus memorizing the exact month, day and time it was.

Lisa, Brian (single) – We Can’t Be Friends

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01 We Can’t Be Friends

Lisa and Brian come together to sing about a song about whether a man and a woman can be friends or not. The two sing as though it were really a conversation between a man and woman. The song was produced by Hwang Sae Joon who has made hit songs for Park Hyo Shin, Seo In Kook and Tei.

Other releases:

Y2y – Our First Present (released)
Jung Jae Wook – Picture Of My Life (released)
Hwang Bo Ryung Vol. 4 – Mana Wind (released)
Shuttle Loop – Time Is Not (released)
Typhoon (single) – 평생 (released)
Yozoh – 우리는 선처럼 가만히 누위 (December 6)
Na Won Joo Vol. 3 – All Is Same In Love (December 7)
T-ok! Vol. 1 – Chameleon (December 7)
Verbal Jint – Go Easy 0.5 (December 8)
All That Vol. 2 – Love Me (December 8)
Heum – The Second Glass (December 8)
Dandi Vol. 1 – Feel Sympathy (December 9)
Sunday Sunset Vol. 1 – But I Dreamt All Day (December 9)
Mojo – Perfect Ballad (December 9)
Guckkasten – Tagtraume (December 9)
Suck Stuff – Hate & Love (December 10)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
credits to suejinners for translations

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