Kim Sung Min and Crown J Charged With Drug Possession?

December started off with a loud bang as two celebrities were found in possession of narcotics.

On December 4, Actor Kim Sung Min was found in possession of methamphetamine. The following day, December 5, Crown J was charged with possession of and smoking marijuana.

Fans were shocked and disappointed to hear about these incidents. Both celebrities had formed a positive image through reality programs such as KBS’ program, “Qualifications of a Man” and MBS’s program, “We Got Married”.

Cases that deal with possession of narcotics almost never end quietly. This is because most drug offenders have accomplices. Confession of their accomplices can be exchanged for a lighter sentence. In a 2008 case, twenty-three people from a major entertainment company were charged/arrested for drug trafficking.

Currently, Seoul Metropolitan Police is continuing their investigating with facts given by Crown J. Crown J states that there was another celebrity that smoked marijuana with him.

Source: CBS No Cut News + Nate