Seo In Young’s "Alice In Wonderland" Look!

Seo In Young has been gaining a lot of interest recently for the unusual concept for her new album.

On December 8th, she revealed behind-the-scenes photos from her album photoshoot and music video set. The pictures show 30 cm. platform sneakers, specially made hand-crafted studded glass heels, and other unique props. One thing to note is that Seo In Young, being the style icon that she is, worked with her stylist team to come up with an idea that best represented the concept of the song. She personally picked each and every one of the props.

Seo In Young’s company, Star Empire, shared, “This [cover] jacket and music video shows Elly’s look, a look that surpasses trends and includes paper clothes, 30 cm. platform sneakers, and glass heels – a look that only Seo In Young can pull off. The paper mini-dress and studded glass heels were Seo In Young’s own idea. You’ll have fun looking for the things that make up Elly’s look in the jacket and music video.”

Seo In Young will make her come back on the 9th on Mnet’s “M Countdown” with the song “Into the Rhythm”.


Source: Naver