Sean and Jung Hye Young Discuss Their Charitable Lifestyle

Here’s a pair who are beautiful inside and out! Celebrity couple Sean Ro (formerly of Jinusean) and Jung Hye Young are known throughout Korea almost as much for their generosity as their artistic abilities. The rapper and actress, who together were ranked by netizens as the #1 role model for couples, donate 3.65 million won ($3,318 USD) to a charity every October to commemorate their wedding anniversary. They also sponsor about 100 children in developing countries through Compassion Korea, which is a Christian charity.

The married couple also lead the Happy Family campaign, which funds wedding ceremonies for couples who can’t afford their own. They also donated the money they would have spent for their children’s dol (first birthday) ceremony to charity instead.

In an interview with the JoongAng Ilbo, Sean and Hye Young discussed their philosophy on giving to charity. Sean said that the couple had started donating around the birth of their first child.

“Everyone stresses the importance of early education, so I was thinking about what I could do for our unborn child. I decided I wanted her to learn what love is. So we sponsored three children overseas. One for me, one for my wife, and one for my first child,” said Sean.

The couple eventually went on to sponsor three more children, at which point Hye Young had the chance to visit the Philippines and meet one of the children they had been supporting. After she saw how much the money had benefited the little girl, the couple made the decision to sponsor many more children. In order to be able to afford the donations, the couple has put off buying their own home, because they believed that the money used to purchase a home could be better used for people who needed it more than they did.

“[Giving to charity] is something everyone can do. Everyone says they will start making donations when they become richer, but I don’t think that’s right. There are all different types of sharing. You can donate just a single 100 won coin or 100 million won,” said Sean. 

Source: joongang