Park Kyung Lim Suffers from "Joo Won Sickness" on Her Birthday

Park Kyung Lim celebrated her birthday on December 8 by wearing a “bling-bling” outfit. The staff of her radio show, “Starry Night”, commemorated the comedian’s birthday by giving her the expensive shiny blue training suit worn by Hyun Bin (in the role of the rich department store owner Kim Joo Won) during the first few episodes of “Secret Garden”.

Park, who by her own admission suffers from “Joo Won sickness”, wore the tracksuit in the studio and uttered a few imperious Joo-Won-isms.

“Is this the best? Are you sure?” she asked. “This is the suit handmade in Italy just for the ruling class.”

After she uploaded the photos online, netizens commented that the outfit suited her quite well. Happy birthday, Park Kyung Lim!

Source: hancinema