"YongSeo" Soompiers Earn Recognition of Korean Media

The ardent YongSeo fans on Soompi have earned the recognition in the Korean media! Various newspapers, including Korea Times, Hankyung, Sports Korea, and News Korea, have directed readers to Soompi as one of the best places to converse about the Yong Hwa-Seohyun segment of the reality show “We Got Married”. Yong Hwa, a member of CN Blue, and Seohyun, a member of SNSD, are currently participating in “We Got Married” as a make-believe married couple. Their marriage might be fake, but according to many, the chemistry is 100% real!

The new season of “We Got Married” began airing in February. On December 7, fans around the world celebrated the 300th-day anniversary of the couple with gifts, cakes, T-shirts, posters, photobooks, and banners. The heartfelt devotion can be sensed by anyone who surfs through the thread and sees the pages of paragraphs of how the show has touched the fans, as well as the painstakingly Photoshopped images of the couple in wedding attire. It is this sense of loyalty that caught the attention of many newspapers who praised the Soompi community as a positive source for promoting Korean entertainment worldwide. Congrats to the fans whose genuine love and devotion are definitely worth writing about!

Here are a few snapshots of the goodies contained within the Soompi thread (but you should do as everyone else does and check out the thread itself to see the source as well as more goodies):

As a bonus, here are two cute recaps of the couple, also taken from the thread:

Source: ens.vop.co.kdr, Soompi SeoHwa Official Thread