Composer, Choi Hee Jin Sentenced Two Years in Prison

Composer, Choi Hee Jin was given the sentence of two years in prison.

On December 14th Seoul Central District Court ruled that Choi made false reputation testimonies about Tae Jin Ah and Eru. Also, Choi blackmailed and attempted to extort money from Tae Jin Ah and Eru

In September of 2010, Choi stated that she was pregnant with Eru’s child and due to Tae Jin Ah’s threats to have an abortion, she had a miscarriage. After a twisted, confusing cycle of “she said/he said”, Cho finally admitted that the story was not accurate, confessed the truth and upload a post on her homepage asking for forgiveness.

The prosecutors asked for five years, due to the mental stress Tae and Eru went through. However, the court made a ruling of two years due to the three letters Choi Hee Jin wrote.

In three letters, Choi wrote about acceptance of her faults and reflections of her actions. Her mother also asked for forgiveness and mercy. With deep regrets, Choi stated that, “in an emotional state, I made a mistake. At a young age, my parents divorced and I had to face family responsibilities”.

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