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에스엔제이 (SNJ)
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J. Star
Real name:
 박주성 (Park Joo Seong)
Born: March 17, 1986
Physique: 172cm, 57kg
Blood Type: B
Favorite music genre: Jazz, R&B
Favorite musicians: Donny Hathaway, Boyz II Men
Hobbies: Piano, guitar, bass, harmonica
Debut: 2006 Trice B single album “…After”
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/vocal0317

S. Flower
Real name:
 한선호 (Han Seon Ho)
Born: September 22, 1984
Physique: 178cm, 65kg
Blood Type: A
Favorite music genre: R&B, Hip hop
Favorite musicians: Justin Timberlake, Craig David, Park Hyo Shin
Hobby: Piano
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/sounho


SNJ is a male duo comprised of J. Star and S. Flower. As a duo, they released their first single in August 2009. However, they were also part of another group Trice B before that, thus they aren’t as new to the music scene. Saem Prince, the producer and rapper, first created Trice B (J. Star, S. Flower & The K) but instead of continuing Trice B, SNJ was created for a “new beginning.”

As confusing as this already sounds, you can’t deny the fact that their voices are very lovely.  When performing live, they sound about the same as the actual recording. This duo is quite intriguing as their vocals are the main thing that makes you want to keep listening to their (limited) music. They have a R&B pop-ish feel to them. Though SNJ hasn’t released a new single in the past year, Trice B has. If you were to listen to artists from this talent agency, you would notice they artists collaborate together a lot on their music.



Inner Voice (Single)

01. 사랑했어 (Feat.Saem Prince)
02. 안돼 Part II

1990′s in SNJ (Single)

01. 널 (Feat.Saem Prince)
02. 일상 (Feat.Saem Prince)

왜 우리가 헤어져야 했는지 (Single)

01. 왜 우리가 헤어져야 했는지

Tonight (Single)

01. Tonight


[MV] 사랑했어 (feat. SAEMPRINCE)

[MV] Trice B – 흔적 (Feat.SAEMPRINCE)

[Fancam 100204] SNJ – 안돼 Part II
[Fancam 100204] SNJ – 사랑했어 (Feat.Saem Prince)
[Fancam] Saem Prince and S. Flower – Strong Baby (승리 Cover)