Nam Gyuri Participating in SeeYa’s Last Album

Former SeeYa member, Nam Gyuri will engage in SeeYa’s last album, ‘Good-Bye My Friend’.

Gyuri has stated, “I want to remain as a SeeYa member forever. I want to end with a beautiful ending with my members. With this heart, I wanted to participate in the last album”.

In 2006, SeeYa: Nam Gyuri, Lee Bo Ra, and Kim Yeon Ji debut with their first album, “Scent of a Woman”. After Gyuri left SeeYa in 2009, a new member Soo Mi joined them. However, it was short-lived, as Soo Mi left SeeYa to join Co-Ed.

SeeYa are going to release their last album, ‘Good-Bye My Friend’, on January 10th with their past hit songs and additional two new songs.

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