Actress Lee Yeon Hee and Her Long Legs

Actress, Lee Yeon Hee is known for her long body and perfect body proportions.

Earlier this month, photos of Lee Yeon Hee’s photo shoot were released in a fashion magazine called, ‘Oh Boy’. Many netizens were envious of her slim and long body. Netizens stated that even without ‘kill-heels’, Lee Yeon Hee has long legs.

During a photo-shoot, ‘kill-heels’ are a must for most female celebrities because it elongates their body and leg length.

Netizens raved from, “she has the most perfect body proportions” to “she has a very innocent, feminine look”.

On Twitter, September 21st, Lee Yeon Hee has shown pictures of her in New York which gain much interest. On her Twitter, there were comments such as “perfect body proportions”. Singer Boa also has left a comment, “Perfect body proportions, I am envious”.

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