Sungkyunkwan Scandal to release Director’s Cut DVD

KBS drama ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ starring Park Yoo Chun, Park Min Young, Yoo Ah In and Song Joongki will be released as a director’s cut dvd early 2011.

A spokesperson from KBS media said, “Originally, there were only plans for an uncut version DVD to be released but because of the huge demand from fans for a director’s cut DVD, it has been changed from an uncut to a director’s cut.”

Sungkyunkwan Scandal has received lots of love from viewers with many fans catching the ‘Sun Joon disease’, ‘Geol Oh disease’ and becoming a ‘Joongi-holic’. In particular, it has attracted a huge number 30-40 year old fans.

The DVD will include scenes which were not shown in the drama, edited by director Kim Won Suk and will also feature interviews, commentary by the main actors and behind the scenes making videos.

For overseas fans who are interested in ordering the dvd, please go to for more information.

News Source: Newswire

Translated by Cecilia