Crown J Tweets His Frustration with Korean People

UPDATE: Crown J has now stated that his Twitter account was hacked


Crown J may find himself treading in even deeper waters today. The hip-hop artist, who was charged with possession and usage of marijuana, recently tweeted on his official Twitter account, “Damn sometimes I hate Korean people b you feel me this is some bullshit.”

Crown J, whose real name is Kim Kye Hoon (Kevin), is a Korean American who used to live in Atlanta and Los Angeles before moving to Korea. Part of his appeal is that he has been able to bring an American influence to his music, but we suspect that the Korean public will probably not appreciate this latest sentiment. Most notably, fellow Korean American artist Jay Park was ostracized in 2009 when it was revealed that he had posted similar statements on his MySpace account when he was still in training. The public backlash forced Jay to take a temporary leave from Korea. He ultimately resigned from his group, 2PM.

Public reactions to Crown J’s tweet are still forming since he posted it only an hour ago. Early reactions on Twitter mostly show fans expressing concern over why he tweeted it. His remark may have been an expression of frustration over his recent ban by KBS, or perhaps it was a direct message (DM) gone wrong.

Even if the response is ultimately negative, perhaps Crown J can take solace in the fact that Jay Park, once an outcast, is now experiencing a career revival. He signed with SidusHQ and has kept himself busy singing, acting, and dancing. In fact, he will be spending the holidays giving concerts throughout Korea.

For the record, Crown J is not the only entertainer this month to be charged with drug use: following an extensive probe, comedian Jeon Chang Geol and Kim Sung Min were also charged with possession of illegal drugs.

Source: Crown J Official Twitter Account