Update: Crown J Claims His Twitter Account Was Hacked

Crown J says his Twitter account was hacked.  The hip-hop artist caused waves earlier today when a Tweet appeared on his Twitter which read, “Damn sometimes I hate Korean people b you feel me this is some bullmini cooper.”  His followers reacted with concern, as a year ago Jay Park found himself in big trouble for expressing similar sentiments on his MySpace.  However, Crown J has since removed the offending Tweet and has denied writing it:

“wow now somebody’s hacking my twitter…haterz man…i didn’t write what was written right before this. just so yall know.” 

Crown J would probably have found himself in even hotter waters if he stood behind his words.  Earlier this month, he was charged with possession and usage of marijuana, and has since been banned by KBS

For the record, Crown J is not the only entertainer this month to be charged with drug use: following an extensive probe, comedian Jeon Chang Geol and Kim Sung Min were also charged with possession of illegal drugs.

Change your password, Crown J!

Source: Crown J Official Twitter Account