SNSD’s Tiffany Resumes Group Activities

Good news for all SONEs!  SNSD’s Tiffany, who has been on hiatus from group activities after injuring her knee last November, will resume group activities on December 23.  Tiffany will make her official comeback appearance in Japan when she performs “Gee” with her groupmates on the news show “Mezamashi TV”, which airs on the Fuji TV network.

On Christmas Eve, the nine girls will perform on the year-end show “Music Station Super Live” on Asahi TV, as well as the Korean program “Music Central” on MBC.

Tiffany fell down while performing “Hoot” on November 14.  She was then admitted to the hospital the next morning, and her left knee was placed in a cast.  Her absence from the group has been very noticeable, and we are glad to see her return!