Outsider and Park Hyo Shin Enlist in Military

The Korean music scene will shine a little less brightly today, as two talented musicians have enlisted in the army. On December 21, ballad singer Park Hyo Shin, 29, and rapper Outsider, 27, both entered the 102 Reserves in Chuncheon for five weeks of basic training. After this, they will undergo their mandatory two-year military service as active-duty soldiers.

Before they entered, they met reporters and fans outside the training camp, displaying the newly shaven heads. Park Hyo Shin says that the experience of being a soldier will enable him to make better music after he is discharged in two years, and that he wishes that everyone will be in good health while he is gone.

“I want to thank everyone who came out to see me in this cold weather. I am a bit nervous but happy that I will fulfill my military obligations,” Park said.

The day prior, Outsider had taken to his me2day site to make a similar statement to his fans.

“I worked very hard in my music life for eleven years. Now, I’m going to go to the military for twenty-one months, and when I come out, I hope you’ll get to meet a real man. Always keep your body healthy and your heart healthy. Thank you.