SNSD Tops Gallup Poll of Favorite Singers

SNSD tops yet another poll. Gallup Korea asked 3,401 people over the age of 13 to name their favorite singer. SNSD received 31.5 percent of the votes. The other artists in the top five included 2PM, Jang Yoon Jeong, Tae Jin Ah, and Kara.

Unsurprisingly, Gallup’s statistics also showed that SNSD is overwhelmingly popular among the younger crowd. 43.2 percent of teenagers, 40.5 percent of twenty-somethings, and 43.1 percent of thirty-somethings named SNSD as their favorite singer. It also seems that SNSD has a definite mass appeal, as 33 percent of people in their forties and 21.5 percent of people in their fifties also named SNSD as their favorite artist. 

2010 has proved to be a banner year for the nine girls. In addition to winning the Best Artist Award at the Melon Music Awards, they were also given the title of the most downloaded, searched, and watched artists by YouTube Korea and Naver. They also received similar honors in other Asian countries, including Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.