BEAST’s Gikwang Too Good to Be Trained By JYP?

People in the know may already be aware that BEAST’s Gikwang had once been a trainee under JYP Entertainment before he switched to Cube Entertainment. Why did he switch? According to JYPE CEO Park Jin Young (JYP), it was because he was just too good.

JYP appeared as a guest on the KBS variety show “Win Win”, which is hosted by Gikwang. When asked why he failed to make a singer out of Gikwang, JYP announced to the audience that his former trainee was good at dancing and singing — and he knew it.

“Gikwang’s dancing and singing abilities are phenomenal, and he himself was aware of that,” said JYP. “One has to think that they lack in those skills in order to become the best, but he was just too good.” All the hosts laughed at this assessment, including Gikwang.