2PM’s Taecyeon Tweets His Dinner with Miss A’s Suzy

2PM’s Taecyeon tweeted a picture of himself having dinner with miss A’s Suzy. The two singers, who will be starring in the upcoming musical drama “Dream High”, flew to Nagoya to shoot several scenes. They will be returning to Korea tomorrow.

Taecyeon uploaded the picture on Saturday while eating dinner with his costar and the drama’s staff at a restaurant in Japan. He captioned it as “Jinkook and Haemi are having dinner! We are pigging out in Japan~Make sure to eat a lot Suzy because you look tired~”. (Jinkook and Haemi are the names of the characters they portray on “Dream High”). We think Suzy looks really cute eating, especially in her Christmas-appropriate outfit! She looks festive!

Source: asiae.co.kr, Taecyeon’s official Twitter account