Mnet M! Countdown 12.23.10

IU took the win on today’s M! Countdown. G-Dragon and TOP performed 4 songs on what was the most expensive stage ever made on the show. The three BEAST duet songs also had their debut performances.

G-Dragon & TOP

High High

Oh Yeah

Cho Moon Geun


Bebe Mignon

Dojoon and Dongwoon’s ballad “When The Door Closes”

Yoseop and Junhyung’s “Thanks To”

Hyunseung and Gikwang’s “Let It Snow”


Seo In Young

Mitful Day





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BEAST to Release Three Duets Starting Tomorrow 340741

By: melkimx

BEAST will release special duets starting tomorrow. The six boys paired up with each other to perform three songs of different genres, which will be released one per day for the next three days.

Yoseop and Junhyung’s hip-hop song “Thanks To”