DBSK Reveals MV Teaser for "Why"

DBSK has revealed the teaser video for their upcoming music video for “Why (Keep Your Head Down)”. Two versions of the teaser are said to exist, both of which are in commercial format. One version premiered during the MBC entertainment awards and the SBS music awards, both of which aired last night. The teaser featured the boys with a couple backup dancers, dressed in black and seemingly in fighting mode. It is a fitting way to announce the return of two (if unfortunately not five) major idols who have been having a difficult year but are still going strong.

SM Entertainment also announced that an additional video will appear on both the official DBSK website and the official SM YouTube channel on January 1 at midnight, as a New Year’s gift for fans.

DBSK’s comeback will consist of members Max Changmin and U-Know Yunho on January 5.




Source: asiae.co.kr, cuzimnotlaughing@YouTube