Lee Da Hae and Joo Jin Mo to Star in Movie About… Coffee?

In today’s Starbucks-dominated world, baristas (coffee servers) may seem like a dime a dozen, but they weren’t always! Lee Da Hae will portray Korea’s very first barista who served coffee to the king during the late nineteenth century, in a movie tentatively titled “Coffee”. The movie is based on a novel called “Russian Coffee” by Kim Tak Hwan. Joo Jin Mo will star opposite Lee as a swindler who is also a double spy from Russia.

“Coffee” will be directed by Chang Yoon Hyun. The historical drama will center around the story about the Japanese sending spies to assassinate King Gojong before he could declare Korea’s independence. In keeping with the international plot, the movie will also be filmed in Russia and Japan.

King Gojong is thought to be the first Korean to drink coffee, which was provided to him by the Russian embassy. He enjoyed it so much that he built a house on palace grounds so he could drink it with foreign diplomats.

Source: hancinema