IU, Nicole, and Gahee Perform at SBS Entertainment Awards
IU and Kara’s Nicole performed Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” at the SBS Entertainment Awards. We’d heard a rumor that they were slated to cover the song with actress Yoo In Na, but we guess it was just IU and Nicole! We’ve heard that this video has been dubbed over the original Madonna song for copyright reasons. All right, we understand that — but does that mean that Nicole and IU didn’t sing? That’s weird, since we know they both can sing very well!
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So, the performance? We hope it doesn’t sound too critical if we say that we found it a little awkward to watch, and not just because the two obviously forgot some of their lines. Not that we wanted these girls to pull a Madonna and be risque, but on the other hand the song is meant to be tongue-in-cheek. Nicole and IU reminded us less of Madonna and more like Shirley Temple as they held hands, smiled, and pranced sedately in princess-y white dresses. 

The girls also performed with After School’s Gahee:


Gahee came out and showed everyone why she’s considered one of the queens of dancing. Yoo Jae Suk looked a little shocked at her suggestive moves, but everyone else in the house seemed to be loving it. IU and Nicole reappeared for a rendition of Hyori’s “U-Go-Girl” and admirably held their own, although it has to be said that Gahee was the star of the show.

What did you think? 

Source: CodeAnalysisSeason2@YouTube