JOO releases "Bad Man" MV teaser featuring 2PM’s Chansung

JOO, a female solo artist from JYP Entertainment, released a music video teaser for her comeback track “Bad Man” in her mini-album “Heart-Made.”

Featuring 2PM’s Chansung, the teaser shows scenes of JOO and Chansung as once a sweet couple, but their relationship has grown bitter.

Her mini-album “Heart-Made” will be her comeback after a nearly three-year hiatus.

For those unfamiliar with JOO, she is a female solo artist from JYP Entertainment. She made her debut on January 10, 2008 with the ballad track “Because of a Man.” Although she has participated in music-related activity with other artists, she has not officially released anything since her debut. Thus “Heart-Made” marks her grand comeback.

Below is the music video for her debut song “Because of a Man.”


cr: Joo’s Soompi Thread, joojype@Youtube, YunaUtada@Youtube