SNSD Makes Cameo Appearance For Japanese Drama

SNSD’s cameo in Fuji TV’s drama “SAZAE-San 3” aired on January 2nd.

The short piece was filmed in October prior to Tiffany’s knee injury, so she was able to join the rest of her group as cute golf caddy girls. SNSD appears before the Mr. Namihira to congratulate him on his hole-in-one shot.

Below is a translation of the scene:

SNSD: Nice shot, congratulations! Namihira, you’re magnificent!

Namihira: Noo.. R…really?

Namihira: But… Who are you exactly?


SNSD: We want to become stars that sing and dance.

Namihira: Then keep working hard and have strength.

SNSD: We’ll work hard~!

Congratulations to the girls for their accomplishment in this rare opportunity!



Making of cameo:



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