2PM’s Woo Young’s English is “Perfect” in New Drama

Expectations have increased for 2PM’s Woo Young on the new KBS drama “Dream High”. Woo Young plays Jason, a genius dancer from the States who has flown to Korea to attend Gi Rin High School. As such, his first lines in his first scene was in English – and he pulled it off perfectly!

Even though his part in the first episode wasn’t long, he left a strong image on viewers by exceeding expectations with his English lines. Woo Young had confessed before that he was nervous about speaking English. He revealed that he went to Taec Yeon and Nichkhun for help, and his efforts definitely showed.

In terms of his acting, it’s still a little bit too early to say anything. However many people are looking forward to watching him act as he gave such a good impression in the first episode. Viewers have commented saying, “Woo Young’s acting is pretty amazing!”, “He shows such strong force even with a short appearance …”, “His English isn’t bad! I guess his tutoring paid off.”, “I’m looking forward to what kind of acting he’ll show us in the future.”

Top: It’s gonna take a while…

Middle: Will you let me know when it’s my turn?

Dream High” will air every Monday and Tuesday at 9:55PM on KBS2TV. Don’t miss it!

Source: Daum