Artist of the month – IU

Real Name : Lee Ji Eun (이지은)
Date of birth : 16th May 1993
Height : 162 cm
Weight : 43 kg
Hobby : Reading
Favorite foods : Raw fish, sweet potato
Favorite musicians : Kim Tae-woo, Gummy
Favorite actors : Kang Ji-hwan, Jung Jae-young, Han Ji-min
Education: Currently attends Dongdeok Girls High School

Happy 2011 to all our readers. For this month, Soompi featured artist is female singer IU. She is just seventeen years old but has been known for her talent and her musical maturity. The title song “Lost Child” from her first mini album is a powerful ballad. Listeners find it hard to believe that she was just fifteen at the time with such extensive vocal skills. IU was able to transcend the boundaries of different genres and singing three parts – vocal, chorus, and aria – all by herself. Music critics have touted IU as the next best young artist to come after BoA.

After releasing her first mini album Lost and Found in September 2008, IU further proved her talents as a guest artist in top R&B singer Wheesung’s nationwide tour. In 2009, she released her first full studio album “Growing Up”. On this album, she unveils a broader music spectrum beginning with the on-air track “Boo.” The modern uptempo song is inspired by an 80s sound and is combined with IU’s attractive dance moves.

Within three weeks of release, “Boo” was one of the contenders for the number one song on Inkigayo. She finally won awards on various music shows, such as Inkigayo and Music Bank for her collaboration with 2AM’s Seulong in June of 2010. They sang “Nagging” together which was also considered the follow-up track to the hit “We Fell In Love” by 2AM’s Jo-kwon and Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-in. Both songs were created for the popular variety program “We Got Married”. Just a few months later, IU also did a duet with Sung Shi-kyung on the song “It’s You”, after Sung was released from his mandatory military service. Due to her success, IU’s been chosen on a couple of drama OSTs as well.

IU started to work hard on her follow-up third mini album, by joining hands with some of Korea’s biggest musicians and producers. “Real” was released on December 9, 2010 with her title song “Good Day” winning her her first solo Mutizen award on Inkigayo.

Beside her singing career that doing well, she also acting in Dream High this year. Hope this talented young lady will have blossomed career with support from her fans.

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# Lost and Found (1st mini album, September 23, 2008) : Ugly Duckling, Lost Child, Feel So Good (feat. Mario), Every Sweet Day, You Know

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# Growing Up (1st album, April 23, 2009) : To Look At, Boo, Poor Thing, A Dreamer, Every Sweet Day, Lost Child, Not Me But You!, You Know (feat. Mario), Graduation Day, Feel So Good, Ugly Duckling, To Look At Each Other (After Looking)

# IU…IM (2nd mini album, November 12, 2009) : Love Attack, Get On A Train, Marshmallow, Morning Tears, Heart Pounding Date

# It’s My First Love (‘project album’ digital single, January 12, 2010) : It’s My First Love (feat. Na Yoon-kwon)

# Telecinema Project Vol.6 (‘TELECINEMA7’ project album, February 24, 2010) : Fifth Finger

# Nagging (digital single, June 3, 2010) : Nagging (with. 2AM Seulong), Rain Drop

# Road Number 1 OST Part 3 (OST, July 14, 2010) : Because I’m A Girl

# Love Request (digital single, August 2, 2010) : Believe In Love (feat. Yoo Seung-ho)

# It’s You (digital single, September 28, 2010) : It’s You (feat. Sung Shi-kyung)

# Real (3rd mini album, December 9, 2010) : This Ain’t It, Something To Do Slowly, Good Day, The Night Of The First Breakup, The Alone Room, Merry Early Christmas (feat. Thunder of MBLAQ)

# Dream High OST Part.1 (Single, January 3,2011)


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