Behind-The-Scene on the Set of Athena

I love seeing happy pictures from a serious drama. These stills from the set of Athena: Goddess of War show the cast in a much lighter mood behind the scenes, when they’re not busy running around saving the world. I’m really enjoying the drama thus far, mostly because although it’s the same old spy stuff, it’s got a really great cast of characters that makes me invested in the action.

Kim Min-jong as the shady Northern defector-turned-ally is my personal favorite, and I’m also really digging Su Ae and Jung Woo-sung‘s dynamic, wherein she’s the uber-badass black-ops spy, and he’s the competent but less-badass slacker. There’s actually a moment where he’s smitten with her because he watches her kill people. It’s sick and twisted and totally awesome, only because they’re both spies, and he has no idea the extent of her actual badassery.

The stills are from the latest episodes in Japan, and also on the set of NTS headquarters. Athena airs Monday-Tuesday on SBS.

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