Eunjung Covers MISS A in “Dream High," Despite Her Leg Injury

Eunjung of T-ARA plays Bakhee in Dream High on KBS2. She will be displaying her performance of “Bad Girl Good Girl” by Miss A on an upcoming episode of Dream High broadcasting on January 11th.

What a trooper, you know? She was last seen in a giant cast on her leg, yet her activities have not ceased. And in fact, she performs this dance with grace and power. Amazing.

JYP has a role in the drama and assisted in the choreography for Eunjung. According to the experienced producer, “For Eunjung’s stage, the song, the dance, everything was done well and she presented the same feeling. It will be a great performance to show everyone.”

Source: Nate
Re-written by Danzo of Soompi
Written by: Mun Wansik 
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem