U-KISS to debut in the US this year and new album in February

Today, January 11th 2011. NH Media revealed that the popular idol group U-KISS will debut in the United States this year and with a new album in February.


Though U-KISS is currently working on other projects, the boys are going to work on the upcoming US debut album while working on the MBC Every1’s sitcom “Real School” (Eli, Dongho, and Kiseop) that just started to air yesterday. Kevin will also continue his “On Air Live” musical activities until February 14th. The agency felt that it is time to debut this talented group of young men to the states because they all have multi-cultural background and language skills. As a matter of fact, Eli and Kevin are Korean-Americans fluent in English. Alexander came from Hong Kong and is also fluent in English (and 6 other languages in various degrees: such as Cantonese, Mandarin, and Portuguese). Eli and Dongho have also studied in China, so they could also manage to speak in Chinese. Kibum, which some of you might know him as SS501 Kim Hyung Joon’s little brother, have studied in Australia, so we’re guessing he won’t be too terrible in the English speaking department (we hope :).

So far, U-KISS have debuted in Japan and Korea—watch out US of A! They’re coming to get you! ^^ (Don’t let your guard down, he’s pointing a ‘PiroPiro’ at you!) 


According to NH Media, U-KISS’ agency, they have already listened to over 100 songs and is in progress of selecting a ballad for the group. This will be U-KISS’ first ballad. We’re all very excited to hear the news!

The agency also said that U-KISS will still be preparing for the Korean comeback, so Korean fans, please don’t be disappointed! They are “Ubiquitous”—everywhere! �de42


Yesterday, U-KISS just finished recording the OST for the “Real School” sitcom, don’t forget to buy the album and support them when it comes out! ^__^ Also, if you happened to drop by Seoul between now to Feb 14th, don’t forget to check out “On Air Live”, the musical running in its 4th season starring Kevin as the male lead. He has such a sweet and sorrowful ballad voice, I can’t wait for the new track for U-KISS’ American debut ballad! ^_^


Source: NEWSEN , Alexander’s Twitter , Kevin’s Twitter, HnB Company, and On Air Live’s official fancafe