Queen of Reversals Surpasses Athena, Another Extension?

The battle of the Monday-Tuesday dramas is heating up, as MBC’s “Queen of Reversals” noses ahead in the ratings. Monday’s broadcast pulled in 15.7% (AGB Nielson), beating SBS’s “Athena: Goddess of War” for the first time. “Athena” began its run with explosive 22.8% ratings, but has steadily declined over the last five weeks, landing at 15.2% on Monday.

The growing ratings might be a factor in MBC’s decision to offer “Queen” yet ANOTHER extension. It’s just by one episode, due to a scheduled preemption on January 31 for the 2011 Asia Cup. Because most Monday-Tuesday dramas end on a Tuesday, MBC wants the show to go out with an additional episode, bringing the total count to 33. The production has yet to agree, mostly due to the fact that the entire cast and staff have already been exhausting themselves with the current extension, although I’m not sure what one episode either way will do. If the drama decides against the offer, MBC plans to air the last two episodes on a Tuesday night, one week earlier. Perhaps the extension is yet another move to give The Duo an extra week before premiering. Couldn’t hurt.

As far as the current ratings battle, they seem to be leveling out, which is about where they fare with me on the to-watch scale: that is, some Mondays I start with “Athena,” and others I start with “Queen.” Strangely, I like them equally too, but for wholly different reasons, as they inhabit two completely different ends of the drama spectrum. I like the dark spy world of “Athena” peppered with funny antics, and well, “Queen” is boring one minute, and then coffee laced with crack the next minute.

It’s taken the extended episodes (twelve more added to the original twenty) to flesh out Park Shi-hoo‘s character, and now he’s totally taking over in leading man territory. It’s just enough to take me from skeptical, to hopeful….to downright delusional. I don’t think I’m alone, though, as the drama is pushing the Kim Tae-hee/Gu Yong-shik pairing in a way that it wasn’t before the extension. All the romantic moments are reserved for them, which is either a really good sign (*crosses fingers, throws salt, does chant*) or a totally evil move to fake me out. I’m preparing an effigy in case it’s the latter.

Via Star News, Nocut News

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