Under The Radar – D.O.T


도트 (D.O.T)
 Sound Holic
Debut: 2007 Single Album “Drive On Top”
Cyworld club: http://club.cyworld.com/banddot



김효수 (Kim Hyo Soo) [Vocal]
 February 12, 1975
Physique: 172cm
Education: Inha University, Biological Engineering
Career: Howon University, Hanyang Women’s University & Seoul National University adjunct professor
Site: hyosu.com
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/hYOsU

양혜영 (Yang Hye Young) [Bass]
 DongDeok University, Bass Major
Career: Rise Up Korea Worship Team
“Worship & Prasie The Call” Bass session
One. CCM Concert Performance session

이정윤 (Lee Jung Yoon) [Drum]
 DongDeok University
Career: Gummy, Lin, Bubble Sisters, Black Tea Broadcasting & Performing artist sessions
Crossover Ensemble session
Comtemporary jazz Joy-Tone group
Nubim 1st album recording
Movie “Prudent Miss Shin” recording
Latin jazz group 류복성 member
One Punch & Ruvin Session

김진아 (Kim Jin Ah) [Keyboard]
 April 24, 1984
Education: Dong Ah Broadcasting College
Likes: Walking, yoga
Misc fact: Started playing piano at age six
Career: Super Kidd Live Sessions
Lucid Fall 4th album participation


When female indie rock band D.O.T released their first single in 2007, I was still new to the underground/indie rock artists of Korea. Since I didn’t know how to research much then, I thought the band was inactive. Quite honestly, I wasn’t into them as much either. Well, lo and behold, they dropped their first full album late last November and I was ecstatic! It’s always nice to hear a group or band you’ve thought dropped off the face of the earth (for any reasons) to suddenly appear again, right? 

They are under the same company as artists like Jaurim, Monni, Super Kidd and Go Go Boys. With their first album “Candid Breath”, you can hear that soft rock feel that makes D.O.T’s music appealing. The jazzy colorful feel of their songs are very charismatic and tempting. The first half of the album are the newer tracks, which are more soft rock ballads while the latter half of the album consists of the upbeat and sweet tracks from their first single. Surprisingly, I am more attracted to the songs from the first single as they are more bubbly and pleasing to the ears. D.O.T is currently on radio shows and participating in small concerts.




Drive On Top (Single)

01. 두근두근
02. 오랜만이야
03. 그래도 아직도 여전히
04. 행복합시다
05. 두근두근 Inst.

1집 Candid Breath

1. 너에게로 간다
2. 비 오고 멍한 날
3. 가득해(Guitars Feat. Ruvin)
4. 잠
5. Fool’s paradise (행복의 환영:幻影)
6. ….
7. 망각의 강 (Lethe)
8. Holiday
9. Curly ‘Soo’
10. 두근두근
11. 오랜만이야
12. 그래도 아직도 여전히
13. 행복 합시다


두근두근 MV

너에게로 간다 MV