[K-Pop Foods #1] Super Junior Yesung’s Parent’s Restaurant – Babtol’s

What do K-pop and food have in common? Lots! One of the most common things in k-pop is actually food! So you’re asking, “Wait, what about the music?” Of course there is music, but singers need to eat food to have energy to sing, right?! K-pop basically rules all of Korean advertisements and food here in Korea, ranging from fried chicken to restaurants own by celebrities parents! Yes, you heard me right, restaurants own by your favorite stars’ parents!

This week, I had the honor of visiting one of the most infamously awesome places in Hongdae on my birthday— Babtol’s — Which is owned by Super Junior Yesung’s parents. Back a few years ago, he bought his parents this restaurant, because aside from having the voice of an angel, he is also loaded with cash…(or not…). Whatever it might be, this place is GREAT!

Upon entering the restaurant, you will notice that a poster signed by all of Super Junior and a giant cut-out of this:


—greeting you welcome.

I’m not joking.

Your nightmare came true… (jk… OR AM I?)

Unlike some other k-pop celebrities’ parents place which up-charge everything on the menu, the food here is actually very affordable 4k~7k won max ($3.50-$7USD). Not to mention: No tax and no tip! Not only that, the food is DELICIOUS and FILLING! It might look a bit small in portion size, but once you start eating you’ll realize that if they would have given you anymore you would not have been able to finish!


Behold! You’re in the temple of Yesung!

The store’s specialty is the “omuraisu” (Omelet Rice). Instead of just any plain old Kimbap place omelet rice, this is a gourmet-western-fusion-art THING of an omelet rice— all for 6500won! I really have to say that this is the best omelet rice I’ve ever had. There are other things on the menu too, such as spaghetti, some traditional Korean fusion foods, and rice dishes. We were a bit skeptical as to what the menu item named “Questions and” is, so we didn’t order it. Perhaps next time �de42


The interior of the place is brightly lit and artsy-fartsy. Being in the Hongdae area (Hongik University, an art school), they have to do SOMETHING ELSE to attract the customers. Personally, I love the drawings of Yesung on the signs and pictures throughout the restaurant.


Yesung butler Oh-la-laa~

So this place is clean, interesting to look at, AND has really good food—what other reasons should I come here?


Oh, of course—if you’re as big of a fan of Yesung as Soompi Member Reporter Cherry-go-gyaru, you would totally want to leave Yesung a message on his wall, right?! Right! They even have post-it notes and sign pens for you to write and leave a message for Yesung! How awesome is that?

Don’t die just yet!–>

–> You too can get a purikura(sticker picture) “with Yesung” in the Everysing at Myeongdong ^_~ More on that later…

Note to self: Must spam Yesung’s wall with more spam Cool

If you want to go to the restroom, you may use the turtle key you see below to access it (lower left hand corner). Yes, a turtle key— I WONDER WHY. If you have been following Yesung’s Super Junior related adventures, you would know that he’s got himself a pet turtle, and then another. 

He’s known as the turtle man, and they often relate turtle things to him. That’s probably why there’s a turtle for the bathroom key. I’m totally taking a wild guess here, but I’m probably right �de42 (note: actually, I’m always right �de09 Kinda creepy huh? Bringing Yesung to the bathroom with you…


Wait, aren’t you missing something?

Yea I am! And I’m saving the best for last!

Since Yesung’s parents run this place, of course they were there! I had to get a picture with them!


And here is her just minding her own business and watching TV. You might also want to take note that the ARM at the lower left hand corner is Yesung’s dad’s arm. HOMG.

How to get there:

-Take exit 8 from the Hongik University Station

-Cross the street, keep right, head towards Hongik University.

The easiest way to get there is to find out where the Hongik University is (ask around ^^), because it is diagonal across the street from it! It’s about a 10 min walk from the station since Hongdae is kinda hard to navigate, in my opinion… 

-Land marks around the store (Cafe NesCafe, Bali Cat Cafe)

-Phone number to call if you get lost 02-3142-1977 (You can also call the foreigners help line dail: 1440 and ask for directions help ^^)

the address is: Seoul, Mapo-gu, Seokyo Dong, 343-2

and this is the website which totally doesn’t help when it comes to directions, btw


Baptol’s is rated 5 turtles out of 5!

Good luck in your K-pop adventures!