Se7en Loses Wallet, Offers Personal Fan Meeting as Reward

Se7en has lost his wallet… and he wants YOU to help him find it! The singer misplaced his wallet in a Seoul cafe, then took to his Twitter account to ask if anyone had any leads. Hey, when you have thousands of followers, there’s certainly a chance that one of them might know where it is, right?

Se7en posted: “I lost my wallet near the Cheongdam-dong area near a cafe called Java City ㅠㅠ It’s a brown Louis Vuitton money clip wallet… It has credit cards and my identification card with the name Choi Dong-wook… I will be grateful to whoever finds it. I ask for anyone to re-Tweet if they do! I need everyone’s help~ㅠㅠ.”

He then offered a reward that probably caused hundreds of girls to stampede to Cheongdam-dong in a mass wallet-hunting expedition: “I will hold a special one-on-one fan meeting for whoever finds my wallet. If it is a guy or a girl who doesn’t like me… then I’ll just say thanks!!”

Even BoA perked up at this news, replying to his Tweet with, “I would find it for you if I was in Seoul! Too bad!!!!!” Unfortunately, the songstress is currently in the United States filming her upcoming dance movie. Se7en replied, “You’re making fun of me now, right? ^^”

We hope that Se7en is reunited with his Louis Vuitton wallet soon!

Source: Se7en’s official Twitter account,