SHINee’s Onew had a Bad Fall During the Idol Star Athletics Championship

Yesterday 1/23 Sunday, during the “Idol Star Athletics Championship”, SHINee’s leader, Onew had a BAD FALL!

It was during the 50m Halt when he tripped over the fence and landed on his knee. He was able to make it to the finish line, but he fell down on the mat and didn’t get up or say anything for a minute or two! He was very strong! Everyone was really worried about him! He began to tear up, so finally they carried him off in a stretcher. 

He kept still and didn’t move around much.


We don’t really know if he’s ok or not…. Let’s hope he’s ok!

Our Onew, we hope you’re ok!!!


In other related news:

SHINee won the competition!! �de42 

SHINee’s Minho basically went in and took most of the medals! He was a tough cookie to beat!!!





Source: me, I was there…. T__T Poor Onew! He was only 10m away from me! It was too intense!!!