JYJ to Star in Reality Show "JYJ’s Real 24"

JYJ are the world’s newest reality TV stars! Yoochun, Jaejoong, and Junsu will headline the upcoming show “JYJ’s Real 24” on cable channel QTV. The program, which will be divided into eight parts, will debut on February 25.

Those of you who have always wished to know what Yoochun, Jaejoong, and Junsu do everyday will soon get your wishes fulfilled. “JYJ’s Real 24” will follow the three boys as they live their daily lives.

How did they handle it? QTV producer Lee Moon Hyuk admitted that there was some getting used to from their ends. “JYJ’s members were first a bit conscious about the camera,” he said. “But [they] soon got used to the idea and made themselves comfortable,”

QTV has released some stills of the boys, looking very relaxed in a home setting! Except… does Junsu really take baths with his clothes on? Well, we’ll find out what that’s all about!

Source: asiae.co.kr, QTV