Super Junior’s Siwon and Heechul Update Fans with Cute Pictures

Super Junior members Siwon and Heechul recently updated their Twitter accounts with cute photos!

Siwon posted a picture of himself with what looks like the world’s tiniest, most adorable dog (who actually belongs to Brian Joo), saying, “Our new family member Beckham! This is my first time meeting him because I’ve been busy but I hope you grow to be healthy :)!! Love you so much �de00 !!”  We bet fans have a hard time deciding who’s cuter, the puppy or Siwon!

Heechul posted not one picture, but two of him with SNSD’s Yoona.  One is a current picture, captioned, “The concept for Yoona and I today is gangster. I don’t know whether to post the video or not because it’s funny to see us being childish!”  (We say post the video!  But he hasn’t, yet.)  The other photo is an old one of them looking quite young.  It’s nice to see that these two have had such a long and good friendship!  You can also see how their image has gotten more sophisticated!