Kara Members Meet with DSP, Continue Endorsements in Japan

Kara members Han Seung Yeon, Kang Ji Young, and Nicole Jung met with DSP Entertainment yesterday to discuss negotiations, but the parties failed to reach any agreement.  The three members have filed to terminate their contracts with DSP due to loss of trust, but have said that they hope that Kara can remain a five-member group.

The split has caused some confusion for the Japanese beauty brand TBC, which had shot several advertisements and commercials with Kara as a five-member group shortly before the three girls filed to terminate.  TBC went on record to say that they were originally unsure whether to release the advertisements, given the situation, but finally decided, “Now is the time to root for Kara, especially if we’re thinking of their future.” 

Video teaser:


Source: asiae.co.kr, tbc.co.jp, superkarajp@YouTube