SS501 Kim Hyung Jun, What Are You Trying to Say?!

Just now, Kim Hyung Jun, the magnae from the group SS501 posted something on his twitter that is mysteriously intriguing to netizens worldwide!


With absolutely no explanation or title, he only posted the link to This Picture.


Do not attempt to adjust your monitor screen, there is nothing wrong with it!

Yes, that’s what he posted.

A black.


Within seconds of it being posted, netizens flooded his comment page with concerning comments such as “Oppa! What’s wrong?! Are you alright?!”, and about 80% of the commentators asked if the picture is black by asking stuff like, “Black?!?”, and the other 10% stating that ts is indeed black by saying, “It’s Black!!” in 50 different languages. The remaining rest of the 10% believed that has a higher meaning, such as life, death, or the color of his dog “Choco”—-


—-only problem that rose from that debate is that they cannot defend themselves when pressed about why the brown dog is black. It is clearly brown.

This is all very profound. 

But this is all a trick.

Because I see colors. Colors of the rainbow.

And if you squint your eyes hard enough, you’ll see—

a double rainbow…..

—-WITH Kim Hyung Jun.

No no, I don’t mean with “Rainbow”, the girl group.


I mean — WITH RAINBOW, like this—–


What does this mean?! OMG! It’s so intense!

I have to say I honestly don’t know what it means, but it sure drew a lot of attention for being absolutely nothing—————or IS it?

Whatever the reason is, we are very VERY fascinated by it.


Source: Kim Hyung Jun’s twitter