Dream High Gets A Special, No Extension

Well, looks like that potential extension is not happening for Dream High, which was considering adding one episode to its planned 16 in order to even out the broadcasting schedule (one episode was pre-empted this week due to the Asia Cup).

Instead, the drama will produce a special episode that will air after the finale, Episode 16. The details are currently being worked out, but we can probably expect typical special-broadcast content: behind-the-scenes clips, interviews, and NGs. However, a KBS rep states that they’re aiming to set it apart from other specials by fiddling with the format, perhaps incorporating a concert element to suit the drama’s story.

It’s too bad for KBS, who’d been interested in further extensions, with Dream High pulling in 15%+ ratings and leading in its Monday-Tuesday timeslot. But producing more episodes was deemed unrealistic, hence the special.

While I’d say that having a month would have been enough time to plan another episode’s worth of content, the issue here is more about the busy schedules of its idol cast, who have had to juggle their two hats while filming the show. Many idols take time off from singer duties while shooting dramas, but they’ll have filled their schedules to pick up immediately after the drama ends. I imagine that rescheduling for all those idols (with multiple groups involved) would be a logistical nightmare.

Oh, well. I didn’t expect that the extension would go through, and I’m fine with the drama ending with 16. The special will air on March 1, and Crime Squad premieres the following week.

Via Star News

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