New Albums And Singles Preview – 2011 January Week 5

See Ya (special album) – See You Again (released)

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01 You’re Gorgeous To Me
02 The Last

03 Woman’s Scent
04 Shoes
05 Love’s Greeting
06 Should We Marry
07 Love is Leaving
08 Sad Footsteps (Shoes II)
09 Still Like You
10 Hate You
11 Crazy Love Song
12 Going (feat. Kim Yong Jun of SG Wannabe, Hwang Jung Eum, Mario)
13 Longing Song
14 Guy’s Voice
15 Queen of Tears

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Seeya bids farewell with their last goodbye album titled, “See You Again,” which includes two new tracks as well as thirteen past hits. The three members including former member, Nam Gyuri have all come together for this special occasion. The first new track, “You’re Gorgeous To Me” was composed by Kim Do Hun and Lee Sang Ho. The piano and string arrangements are key to this medium tempo number. The second single, “The Last” is a ballad number composed by the famous Jo Young Soo.


Jewelry (single) – Back It Up (released)

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01 Back It Up
02 Back It Up INST

Jewelry who has released hits after hits has returned with two new members after Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young left. The two new members, Park Se Mi and Kim Ye Won make their first appearance through this new single titled, “Back It Up.” Composed by Blue Apple Global and producer duo, Outsidaz, this song is of the swing genre reminiscent of musicals. This dance number was penned by renowned lyricist Kim Ina and the Jewelry members themselves. Fans can see both cute and skillful sides of the girls.


Davichi (Lee Hae Ri) & E-Tribe (single) – I’m Living At That Time (released)

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01 I’m Living At That Time
02 I’m Living At That Time INST

E-Tribe continues their “Monster Project” with Davichi’s Lee Hyeri. Following 4Men’s “U” and JOO’s “Bad Man,” this digital single, “I’m Living At That Time” is a pop ballad number that showcases the singer’s emotional vocals. The song is about the sadness felt after a breakup.

Other releases:

As One (single) – Nepa Song (released)
Ilac (single) – 장난친 거니 (released)
Cho Duk Hwan Vol. 1 – Long Way Home (released)
Alou 1st mini-album – A Better Tomorrow (released)
MC Sniper (single) – Break Away (released)
The One Vol. 4 – Part 1, 다시 걷는다 (released)
Easternox – Eclipse (January 31)

Sources: Nanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver

credits to motoway065 for translations

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