G-Dragon, Better Rapper than Eminem?

Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently received the fourth highest votes in a survey asking, “Who has the most God-like rapping skills?” conducted by Japan’s mobile company, Recochoku. It came as a surprise to many fans abroad because American rapper Eminem, who probably has won more global acclaim than GD as a rapper, ranked behind him at #5.

But the results were possibly a bit biased because the survey was done in Japan—in fact, the top two ranks were given to Japanese rappers, AK-69 and Kreva, two underground rappers with unique skills. But nonetheless, fans seemed quite impressed at GD’s popularity in Japan as they commented, “I’m so proud of GD. I hope he continues to gain recognition for his rapping skills.”

GD’s best could be seen in this video with TOP for their unit single, “Knock Out.” GD’s flawless rap game perfectly syncs with the song’s sick beat, and his flow and rhythm are just off the hook. The song’s producer Diplo, in fact, lauded GD and TOP’s rap skills last week as “…rapper rappers.. not phony.. they have crazy flow.” Describing the duo as a mixture of New Kids on the Block, Jay-Z, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Beiber, the U.S.-based producer went on to say they’re his “favorite new rappers,” and “the styling is sooooo much better than US rap.” Do you agree?