Big Bang Talks about Love, Ideal Women Type

Big Bang members Seung Ri, T.O.P, and G-Dragon all made an appearance on SBS radio “Choi Hwa Jung’s Powertime” on Jan. 31st.

During the show, Hwa Jung asked G-Dragon, “Have you had more than three women ask you out in your life?” G-Dragon’s quick response, surprisingly, was, “To be honest… nobody has!” Seung Ri, always the playful one, immediately jumped in, saying, “Of course nobody did. I don’t think he ever made the first move in his life either. If anything, he would have asked me to do it for him!”

Hwa Jung’s next question was, “Who changes the most in front of women?” This time it was T.O.P responding, “Definitely Seung Ri. If he had to choose between women and our group members, he would choose women anytime. Artists love women, you know…” Then he added, “I mean that he cares that much about women.” G-Dragon added, “I know well about his love life because I’m his roommate. But he never dates anyone—he just keeps calling them.”

Seung Ri explained, “I’m a lady-first kind of guy. I believe that guys have the obligation to entertain women. Thanks to my humorous character, even girls who have boyfriends enjoy hanging out with me. So I always remind them to be nice to their boyfriends.” Thanks to Seung Ri, Big Bang members and Hwa Jung just couldn’t stop laughing throughout the show.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon confessed during the show that his ideal woman would be someone who cooks well. “I like women who cook well, and have much knowledge in other fields that I am not familiar with.” It’s funny how G-Dragon is the shy type and Seung Ri is the overly confident one. Could it be true that G-Dragon is a shy guy who prefers girl who cook?