New Albums And Singles Preview – 2011 February Week 1

Lee Jung (mini-album) – Let’s Dance (February 7)

01 Move Aside
02 Why Love
03 Let’s Dance

04 Listen
05 Just a Friend
06 Happy Day
07 To Break Up
08 Listen Rap Ver.
09 Why Love Inst.

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Lee Jung returns three years later not only as a singer-songwriter, but as a producer as well, after finishing his services in the marines. The new mini-album titled, “Let’s Dance” consists of nine tracks, all composed, penned, and arranged by the artist himself. The title track is “Let’s Dance,” a dance number with fast beats and heavy electronic sounds which are expected to capture listeners’ ears. Fans of Lee Jung’s slower songs should not feel left out as ballad number “Why Love” is also included. The easy melody and lyrics about breakup and love is expected to receive love as well.

Kim Bum Soo & Tae Yeon (single) (released)

01 Different
02 Different Inst.

Korea’s representative singer, Kim Bum Soo joins hands with SNSD member, Taeyeon for a duet number titled, “Different.” The song was composed and penned by singer Park Sun Joo and arranged by Brown Eyed Soul’s famous producer, DON SPIKE. One can say that this song is a second version to Kim Bum Soo’s duet number, “Man and Woman” which was sung with Park Sun Joo in 2006. The former was in the major key and was about a sweet love story. However, “Different” takes a different turn by talking about love and separation. The song will be included in Kim Bum Soo’s upcoming album, “SOLISTA: Part 2” which is expected to be released in mid-April.

Son Dam Bi (single) – One Kiss (released)

01 One Kiss
02 One Kiss Inst.

K.O Sound Compilation Series is basically a meeting of top world and Korean musicians who come together to create four songs together per year, in order to exchange and develop musical skills. Korea’s sexy queen, Son Dam Bi and world famous producer, FFM (Fantastic Plastic Machine) take part in the second song, “One Kiss.” The song was produced by FFM who has worked with top starts such as Amuro Namie, BoA, and DBSG to name a few. “One Kiss” is a very mainstream number with addictive melodies that anyone can easily sing along to. The fast beats in this song is expected to gain much love from listeners.

Other releases:
U-KISS – Real School OST (February 7)
Various Artists – Today Is a Gift: Maison De Cafe (February 8)
Sungkyungwan Scandal OST (Gift Pack Edition) (February 9)
Walrus 1st single album (February 10)
Young Boyz – Premiere Night (February 10)

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