CN BLUE Postpones The Release Of Their First Full Album

Earlier today, CN BLUE announced that they would be pushing back the date of their first full album by a month. The group’s official website had begun a countdown a few weeks earlier for the upcoming album release on the 23rd of February. However, those plans have changed and the group will now delay their album and release it instead in a month.

A representative from CN BLUE’s entertainment agency, FNC Music, stated the following about the issue of postponing the group’s album, “As it is CNBLUE’s first full album, there are a lot of areas that we’re putting a lot of focus on. The full album will contain tracks composed by the members themselves, but we think there will be an inevitable delay in the album release as we are working harder to unveil a more satisfactory production.”

 Meanwhile, the members of CN BLUE are shooting their music video in Tokyo, so fans can rest assure and hang around for the upcoming release from the group.

Credit: Nate