Chansung and Hara Strongly Deny Dating Rumors

Earlier today, online blogospheres were heating up with dating rumors between KARA’s Goo Hara and 2PM’s Chansung, based on leaked photos of the two holding hands and cozying up at what looked like a poolside resort.

But it turns out the pictures were taken at the filming site of KBS’s Lunar New Year’s special, “King of Idols,” in Pattaya, Thailand. The two were apparently rehearsing some moves for the show– and the two stars’ respective management agencies immediately released statements strongly denying dating rumors.

“The photo that the rumor is based on was taken at the hotel where the show was being filmed in Thailand. Chansung said the pictures were taken while the two were just practicing their roles for the show. He himself is very frustrated with the rumors too,” JYP Entertainment, Chansung’s management agency, said in a statement.

DSP Entertainment also followed up by releasing a statement saying, “It’s just a photo taken together while at the filming site. The two (Hara and Chansung) are close friends, but they’re not dating.”

If the photos were not taken at a TV show’s rehearsal, it would have been extremely difficult for us to believe their denial. The show must have involved some cozy scenes between the two and I guess it was inevitable for them to act close to each other. But really, they’re such good looking people, I wouldn’t be surprised if they said they’re dating each other in real life!