After School’s Kahi Releases MV Teaser for First Solo Mini Album

Over the course of the last few days, After School’s Kahi has been making headlines with her latest take off for her first solo mini album. The much anticipated album, titled “Kahi: The first mini album – Come back, bad you” has already released the cover jacket, the tracklist, some teaser pictures, and now fans can finally get to see the teaser for Kahi’s new MV, called “Come Back, You Bad Person.”

The tracklist is composed of the following songs:

돌아와나쁜너 (Come Back You Bad Person)
선물 (Gift)

Check out the short video below as well as some teaser pictures!

Credit: TonyKPOPMV for Vid

Cover Jacket for Mini-Album

External from soompi image

Teaser Picture


Credit: Nate + Newsen