JYP: “Seeing IU Breaks My Heart”

It’s always heart wrenching to see a golden opportunity slip away, especially when you know you were within its grasp.

JYP Entertainment’s CEO Park Jin Young (JYP) probably feels that way when he sees singer IU, who once tried out for JYPE’s audition in the past, only to get snubbed repeatedly.

“My heart breaks every time I see IU,” JYP said in an interview with KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly” on Feb. 12th. “I’m going to find the person who rejected IU from our audition and penalize him,” JYP jokingly said, adding he tries to avoid eye contact whenever their eyes meet, much to the laughter of many viewers. But he did say it’s really difficult to find all the hidden talent at auditions, although it’s regretful to miss on a chance to sign her under JYPE.

Currently, JYP and IU star together in KBS drama “Dream High,” which has been recording top TV ratings in the Monday-Tuesday primetime drama slots. JYP’s surprisingly good comic acting has been garnering much attention as he’s also expressed his intention to make a guest appearance on “Gag Concert,” a live standup comedy type show.

IU, at the tender age of 17, is one of the biggest stars to arrive in the K-Pop scene lately, releasing consecutive hit singles with “Marshmallow,” “Good Day,” “Its’ You,” and “Some Day.” It’s been revealed that she tried out some 20 times for singing auditions, including that of JYPE’s, only to get rejected for nearly two years. But in 2007, she finally landed a contract with Loen Entertainment and debuted in 2008, at the age of 15, with less than a year of training.

Here’s a video of IU’s audition with JYPE in what looks like she’s around the age of 14. It’s easy to notice her strong vocal talent in the video, even before her debut, as the judge also notes, “Your voice doesn’t sound like a middle school girl.” Missed chance for JYP? Sorry but the bus left a long time ago.