New Albums And Singles Preview – 2011 February Week 2

IU mini plus album Vol. 3 – Real+ (Feb. 17)


01 Story Only I Didn’t Know

02 Cruel Fairytale

03 Story Only I Didn’t Know (with pianist Kim Kwang Min)

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IU who is receiving love and popularity from all of Korea has returned with her third mini plus album titled, “Real+.” The title track is “Story Only I Didn’t Know,” which is a minor ballad created by Yoon Sang. Listeners can hear the composer’s unique nostalgic chord work and melody in this song. Fans who have known IU for her cheerful, cutesy songs will be able to see a mature side of the singer. Also included in the album is the piano version of the title track and a saintbinary work titled, “Cruel Fairytale.”


Kahi 1st mini-album – Come Back You Bad Person (Feb.15)


01 Come Back You Bad Person

02 One Love

03 Gift

04 Rollercoaster

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After School’s Kahi returns to the music scene with her first solo mini album titled, “Come Back You Bad Person.” The title track is of the same title and it begins with a lyrical melody line followed by strong beats and electronica sounds. Kahi also penned the lyrics to this song, showing yet another skill of hers. Also included in the album are “One Love” and “Gift” where fans can appreciate Kahi’s vocals, and “Rollercoaster” which she also wrote the lyrics to.


Dalmatian 1st mini-album (Feb. 14)


01 Lover Cop

02 That Man is the Opposite

03 Lost in Love

04 Really Really (feat. So Hyun)

05 Real Eyes

06 Homerun

07 Round 1 (Bonus Track)

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6-member group, Dalmatian makes a comeback this year with their first mini-album in which they took part in composing and penning songs. There are two title tracks – “Lover Cop” and “The Man is the Opposite.” The former song which is about protecting a girl forever shows the boys’ manly side while the latter song is a cute number about trying to persuade a girl who likes a bad boy to stop liking him. Also included in the album are “Really Really” and Real Eyes” which were penned and composed by Dalmatian members themselves.


Lee Hyun mini-album Vol. 2 – Top Among My Things (Feb.15)


01 Top Among My Things

02 Criticism

03 Heart Beat (feat. Song Hee Ran)

04 Bad Girl (feat. Glam & Bulletproof Boyscouts)

05 Why Do You Make Me Cry (Album version)

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8eight’s vocalist, Lee Hyun makes a solo comeback after a year and six months with his second mini album. Top producer Bang Shi Hyuk took command in this album with music bound to showcase the singer’s emotional and powerful vocals. The title track is “Top Among My Things” which is a tailored-ballad specially produced by Bang Shi Hyuk. It incorporates popular hip-hop rhythms along with rock elements and sad lyrics.


T-Ara (single) – Beautiful Girl (released)


01 Beautiful Girl (feat. Electro Boyz)

02 Beautiful Girl (INST)

The Brave Brothers meets T-ara for a new collaboration. The girl group takes part in the producer’s fifth project with a single titled, “Beautiful Girl.” This strong beat dance number has synthesized lines and special rap featuring the Electro Boyz.


Kan Mi Yeon (single) – Sunshine (released)


01 Sunshine (Duet Junsu of 2PM)

02 Sunshine INST

Kan Mi Yeon releases a new single, “Sunshine” a medium tempo R&B number with cute lyrics about a loving couple. 2PM’s Junsu who is close with the singer composed this song as gave it to her as a gift of friendship. The idol also takes part in Kan Mi Yeon’s duet track. Kan Mi Yeon will release this single before releasing her full length mini album, “Watch” on the 17th.


Rainbow (single) – Twinkle Twinkle OST Part 1 (released)


01 Romantic Even If It’s Sad – Rainbow

02 Because of You – Mose

Rainbow and Mose takes part in the first round of songs for the soundtrack for the new drama series, “Twinkle Twinkle.” Starring stars such as Kim Hyun Joo, Lee Yuri, and Kim Sun Hun, the story is about a success story of a rich girl turned poor. The title track, “Romantic Even If It’s Sad” is sung by Rainbow and it was composed by Jun Chang Yup who has written songs for hit dramas such as “Painter in the Wind” and penned by Jin Young Sup. Listeners can hear Rainbow’s bright and lively voices through this song.


Hwayobi & Tae Ha (single) – Be With Me (released)

01 Be With Me

02 Be With Me INST

Veteran singer songwriter, Hwayobi returns this year with a duet number, “Be With Me” with rookie male vocalist, Tae Ha. The two first met when Hwayobi heard him taking vocal lessons in the studio. The singer liked his voice tone and began working on the song together. “Be With Me” is an easy listening ballad number composed by Nam Ki Sang and penned by Hwayobi herself.


Other releases:

Mugal – Music Gallery (Feb.14)

Various Artists – C’est Si Bon Friends (Feb. 14)

Athena OST – Vol. 2 (Feb. 14)

10cm – 1.0 (Feb. 15)

Number 1 Korean – Vol. 3 (Feb. 15)

Soriheda – Vol. 1 Soriheda (Feb. 16)

Ninano Nanda – Vol. 1 Future Pansori (Feb. 17)

JYJ – The Beginning: World Wide Concert ED (Feb. 18)


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