Goguma Couple Share Love at a Ski Resort

This recap of “We Got Married” will focus on the sweet potato couple (Yonghwa + Seohyun Couple). (I’ll add in the Nichkhun + Victoria couple later, depending on requests.)

The episode started off with Seohyun and Yonghwa lounging around after the hospital and massage parlor visit. The commentators pointed out that Yonghwa and Seohyun’s skin complexion had greatly improved.

Seohyun said, “Now you really feel and know the importance of reducing coffee intake?” and also commented, “That will probably be a difficult task because it’s already a habit.” Yonghwa just answered indifferently “Yes.. Yes..” and right after he jokingly said, “Make me a cup of coffee.”

Then, Seohyun received a text message. Yonghwa exclaimed “Who the hell is texting you at this hour?” (keeping up with his tough guy image) and Seohyun playfully replied “It’s a secret!” The text message was a mission message.

At first the text message asked “What comes to mind when you think about winter?” Seohyun exclaimed, “Baked Sweet Potato,” Yonghwa said “Snow.” After speaking their minds, Yonghwa complained, “Are they asking us to become poets or something” and he began to ad-lib. “When one thinks of cold winter.. One thinks of Snow… and Love…” Then the mission text announced that they would be going on a date at a ski resort! Yonghwa was extremely excited. He even started to pretend that he was snowboarding.

When asked in his one-on-one interview if he was really skilled at snowboarding Yonghwa replied “In terms of my snowboarding skills, I don’t think my skills are embarrassing or anything,” implying that he is pretty good, and he is in fact! While talking about his snowboarding skills, Yonghwa couldn’t contain his smile. While on the other hand, Seohyun was a bit worried and she actually felt a bit of pressure.

Then the episode briefly showed their bus trip to the ski resort. Seohyun was wearing clothes that made her look like a cute sheep. Yonghwa commented in his tough guy way “Seohyun… you have a lot of hair on your arms,” and Seohyun answered by imitating a sheep.

Seohyun asked Yonghwa “When was the last time you went to a ski resort?” and Yonghwa replied that this was the first time since high school. (The screen showed his high school picture when he went, and supposedly it had been a hot issue on the Internet).

Then the screen switched to Seohyun’s one-on-one interview, and she described that when she told her fellow SNSD members that she was going on a ski trip, the members commented “Whenever you go to a ski resort (In Korea) there’s always a guy like Yonghwa” (meaning that there’s always a good looking guy that’s good at snowboarding). They also said, “You should consider yourself lucky. Because it’s a romance.” (Koreans like to use the word romance to describe things in the context of “a dream or secret desire that everyone has.)

On the bus, they discussed that it was Seohyun’s second time snowboarding. Yonghwa exclaimed that he had tried teaching his friends to snowboard, but he’s always given up because it was so difficult. Seohyun asked “Does that mean you’re going to give up on me today?” and he replied, “I might just leave you and go down the slope myself.” Seohyun exclaimed, “No!!! You can’t! I’m going to leave you at the ski resort and run away with the bus!” Yonghwa briefly drew a picture on the window fog. Once the ski resort was visible, Seohyun was screaming with excitement.

Once they got off the bus, Seohyun was impressed with the fact that Yonghwa had his own board. When they were walking towards the ski resort Seohyun asked, “It’s heavy isn’t it?” and Yonghwa replied, “Yeah, will you hold it for me?” While laughing, Seohyun said “That’s kinda… (A common expression girls use when answering in the negative).

Once the couple was in front of the dressing room, Yonghwa revealed that he had actually brought along safety pads for Seohyun (The commentators were impressed with this gesture). Once they got dressed, they looked at each other and gave their approval saying “uh.. uh… uh…” (That’s a Korean way of jokingly saying WOW! But being sarcastic at the same time, one commentator also pointed out that the fluorescent color that Yonghwa was wearing is only donned by skilled snowboarders/skiers).

Then the couple started to get Seohyun’s gear ready. Seohyun commented that because Yonghwa was helping her out with everything, she felt like she had become a seven year old girl again. (Seohyun’s foot size is 240.) Seohyun checked herself through the reflection from Yonghwa’s goggles, and when she told Yonghwa to do the same, he hit her on the head. (Bonk!)

Once they were at the slopes, Yonghwa exclaimed “JWAAH” (a Busan dialect way of expressing excitement).

From the get-go, Yonghwa set the tone of the ski resort date. His concept was going to be the “tough-guy instructor”. After they got close to the lift, he threw down her snowboard on the floor and said “try putting it on”. (All the commentators said, “Wow, such a tough guy!”) Seohyun seemed to have a slightly hard time when she was putting on her bindings. Then he told her to pull off the bindings, Seohyun complained, “What kind of teacher are you!?” (The commentators were saying that Yonghwa seemed like a real instructor.) Then, once Seohyun understood how to put on and take off her bindings, Yonghwa walked towards the lift while carrying Seohyun’s snowboard. (Aww, Yonghwa is from Busan and guys from down there are described as being macho and being tough guys, but the reason why they have so much popularity in South Korea is because they act tough but actually have soft spots).

They first started off on the beginner’s course. First, they started to stretch and Yonghwa kept talking in an instructor-like tone. Then they put on their bindings.

When Seohyun was putting on her bindings, Yonghwa had already finished and was hopping towards Seohyun. She was complaining that snow was getting all over her. Yonghwa began to fool around and started hopping like crazy.

Once they started their lesson and went down the slope, Seohyun freaked out occasionally. At one point Yonghwa was holding her hands while he was helping her out (ooooh, skinship). Seohyun began to pick up the basics quickly. There was a brief shot of fans passing by on the lift cheering her on, Yonghwa used this and told Seohyun to go in the direction of the fans. (At one point it seemed like Yonghwa was getting bored because he did a cool 360 trick.) Then their next goal was to go up on the intermediate slope.

Before the couple went up the intermediate lift Seohyun began to express her reservations saying “I’m kinda scared of the intermediate slope” but she said “Fighting!” anyways (Hehe, also with a little bit of worry attached to it). Before getting off of the lift Seohyun was grabbing on to her husband (Aww, skinship again!). Right before the couple put on their bindings, Seohyun took a glimpse of the slope and she was extremely concerned (T_T). Then the snowboarding lesson resumed as Yonghwa helped Seohyun slide down left-foot first. (Yonghwa seems to be a true pro, because going down backwards is extremely difficult in my humble opinion). After Seohyun was finished, Yonghwa complimented her, “Now if we just learn how to slide down the other way, you’ll be able to do a full turn”, and Seohyun replied “I really want to!!” For Seohyun’s one-on-one interview she described what it felt like being taught by Yonghwa, “It felt like I was a bird trying to hatch out if its egg, but the mother hen (Yonghwa) didn’t hatch the egg for me, and instead let me get out on my own” (Interesting simile.) Yonghwa, on the other hand, commented that both he and Seohyun are ambitious. He believes it’s that ambition that makes Seohyun a good/fast learner.

The next step was teaching Seohyun how to go down the slope backwards, so she could do a complete turn, using whichever side she wanted to. This time when they got off the lift, both Seohyun and Yonghwa appeared to be a true snowboarding couple (They were stepping at the same pace and silently binding on their shoes).

Now, when Yonghwa was showing Seohyun how to go down the slope backwards she was extremely concerned!

At first she was having a bit of trouble standing up. She ended up falling backwards completely (Literally head over heels, T_T). In her one-on-one interview, she said that the moment her hat fell off, she was extremely embarrassed and actually thought to herself that ‘maybe coming here wasn’t such a good idea’. Although she was thankful to Yonghwa for helping her learn snowboarding, she regrets showing Yonghwa “the falling down incident”.

Of course, however, our hero Yonghwa dramatically began to hop up towards his wife. (*Cough* soft spot).

Yonghwa then proceeded to show Seohyun how to do it by putting his shoe against her board, and even helping her move down. (But of course, Yonghwa was relentless in his teaching methods!)

The preview at the end showed the continuation of the snowboarding lesson. Then the next brief clips were of Yonghwa and Seohyun enjoying their “sweet rest” (Koreans often use the word “sweet” to describe rest and naps). They were dressed in clothes that made them look like baby chicks. Finally, the real teaser was about Seohyun asking if Yonghwa would make one of her wishes come true!!


Thoughts: First of all, I’m extremely curious as to what kind of wish Seohyun will make. Another point I would like to bring up is the Sweet Potato Couple and their perfectionist tendencies. Even with snowboarding Seohyun is always trying her best, and Yonghwa is also very ambitious in terms of what he believes is Seohyun’s true potential. Other than that, I like how Yonghwa is portraying the “Busan Tough-Guy Concept” (Briefly explained above, guys from Busan tend to be very manly and also try to act tough. But once again, they have soft spots that seem to make Korean girls swoon.)


P.S: Brief shout out to all of the forum people working hard on similar recaps/opinions/translations

(Hope you guys enjoyed this recap ^-^;;;;;;;;;;;;)