Dalmatian Showcase Mini-album

Dalmatian showcased their mini album performing their songs “Lover Cop,” “Really Really,” “The Man Opposed” and “Real Eyes.” This is their first live performance advertising their mini album which was released yesterday. The show also revealed a little skin, but I enjoyed “The Man Opposed” the most out of all their performances.


Introductions by the group.

Announcer states, “There are 40,000 people in attendance”

“We are six bad boys, but we don’t cause any trouble, look forward to our performances.”


“Our past digital single had dreams and hopes, this mini album has more lyrics about love that can better relate to the listener.”

“A lot of people helped us and worked so hard, we are that much more confident in this album.”

“When the full album is released we’ll make sure our own colors are well expressed in the album.”

“Round 1 was just an introduction of the group but now the first mini album is the start of the promotions.”

Crowd starts yelling “Show us, show us, show us”